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Introducing the Crep Protect Spray 200ml - your ultimate weapon against dirt, stains, and everyday mishaps! This cutting-edge formula is designed to keep your beloved sneakers, shoes, and accessories looking fresh, clean, and protected like never before.

Crafted with a meticulous attention to detail, the Crep Protect Spray is a revolutionary solution that forms an invisible protective barrier around your footwear. Its advanced nanotechnology creates an impermeable shield, ensuring your shoes remain pristine and untainted by spills, liquids, and dirt. No more worrying about accidental coffee spills, rain showers, or mud splatters ruining your favorite pair of kicks!

With its easy-to-use spray mechanism, applying the Crep Protect Spray is a breeze. Simply shake the bottle, hold it approximately 20 cm away from your shoes, and spray an even layer over the surface. The ultra-fine mist penetrates deep into the fabric or leather, allowing the solution to bond and provide maximum protection without altering the appearance or texture of your footwear.

Not only does Crep Protect provide unbeatable protection, but it also guards against discoloration and fading caused by UV rays. This means your shoes will retain their original vibrancy and freshness, even when exposed to sunlight for extended periods. Say goodbye to dull and lackluster shoes and hello to long-lasting color brilliance!

What sets the Crep Protect Spray apart from other products is its long-lasting effect. Unlike traditional protectants that require frequent reapplication, this innovative spray ensures your shoes remain shielded for up to four weeks, even with regular wear. Now you can enjoy peace of mind and effortlessly maintain your shoe's pristine condition without constantly worrying about accidents or spills.

The Crep Protect Spray is suitable for a wide range of materials, including leather, suede, nubuck, canvas, and more. Whether you own sneakers, boots, heels, or any other type of footwear, this versatile solution has got you covered. It's a must-have accessory for sneakerheads, fashion enthusiasts, and anyone who takes pride in their shoe collection.

Maintaining the integrity of your shoes has never been easier or more effective than with the Crep Protect Spray 200ml. With its powerful and long-lasting protective formula, it ensures your footwear remains immaculate and ready to conquer any adventure. Invest in the ultimate shoe protector today and keep your style game strong!

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1. Ensure sneakers are cleaned. Test for colour fastness on an inconspicuous.

2. Spray from 20cm. Spray in a well ventilated area or outside.

3. Allow it to dry for 10 minutes. Leave to dry 10 minutes in a well ventilated area.

4. Repeat step 2 and dry. Apply a second coat, then leave to dry for another 10 minutes before wearing.

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